Talk about being impeccable. Aside from offering customers the best user experience tenable, Sendmonny comes along with even more incredible features


Easy to Use

Sendmonny appeals to everybody including undereducated merchants in the market. It is free of big grammar and easily accessible on any phone.



Sendmonny provides a full proof way for users to transact funds. We want to assure you that your transactions are safe, because we too have been victims of fraud. The app is built with security measures in place to prevent intrusion.



The app is tailored to suit the pace of the market place. We would not want you to tap your feet or chew your lip waiting for your transaction to be processed. Sendmonny is built to help you make payments on the move.


Payment tracking

The frustration of having your transaction ‘hang’ could be the most annoying thing. We understand this frustration and that is why Sendmonny allows you track your payments on your smart phone, talk about cool!

About Our App

Sendmonny is an online application that makes it easy for merchants and buyers to transact monies below N5000. Our mission is to help user’s process small money transactions seamlessly. Our vision is to enable seamless payment and bring financial inclusion to the world.

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